jQuizMe: misc

This page will explain hidden features. - By Larry Battle

Set the position for Multiple Choice

When making a multiple choice quiz, you can set the position for the answer by placing a null value in the ansSel array
This will cause the answer selections to not be randomized and the null will be replaced with the answer.
This is useful when you want the answer to always be A or B.

var quiz3 = {
		ques:"How is this a question?",
		ans:"Just because...",
		ansSel : [ "The answer is below", null, "The answer is above" ]
$( "#quiz3" ).jQuizMe( quiz3 );		

You can use html tags and javascript in your questions.

Your questions and answers can be more than simple text. So embed videos, images or java into your quizzes.

Take advantage of .focusThis and .clickThis

When questions are changed, .focusThis gets focused, and .clickThis gets clicked.
$( ".focusThis" ).focus() and $( ".clickThis" ).click()