Learn Those Kana! v0.8

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What is Kana?
Kana is any Japanese character, mainly hiragana and katakana. Wiki

System Requirements
You need a web browser (Firefox & Safari works best), Adobe Flash 8+ and JavaScript enabled.
Note: Please enable the sound through Flash and have your speakers turned on.

*Required* How to enable audio through Flash
  1. Visit Flash Player's Global Security Settings panel
  2. In Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, select the Global Security Settings Tab.
  3. Click "Edit locations...", then select "Add location...".
  4. Click the "Browser folders" button, then select the folder or drive that contains the "Learn Kana" folder, and click "OK".
  5. Now the audio should work, as this enables jPlayer, the sound plug-in.

Japanese Font
If you are unable to view the Japanese fonts, please google "Japanese Font Install".
Guide to installing Japanese Font

Typing in Japanese
VirtualKeyboard, a IME(Input Method Editor), is used to convert your keyboard input to Japanese. You can use the one provided or download and install IME your own copy.(preferred).
IME Installion Guide

Other games for learning Japanese.
Stroke order game.
Drill Kanji


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